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Fire Station Bakery and Cafe

25/10/2017 10:01 AM

We recently completed a significant project in Whakatu, Hastings – Fire Station Bakery and Café. Southern Hospitality worked along with Project Mechanical and Project Stainless to help Paul Wise bring his bakery to life.

Fire Station Bakery and Cafe


We imported and installed the Panem Proover from France.

Panem Proover


We also supplied and installed the Delta 20 litre planetary mixer and the Leader 80 kg spiral mixer. You will also recognise the Vitella semi-automatic divider and rounder.

Delta planetary mixer and Leader spiral mixer


Below is a Flammic Pastry Sheeter which has a slew of features such as the precise regulation on thickness of sheet by a graded scale, variable speed between infeed, discharge belts assure regular dough sheet and reversal rolling belts by joystick and/or by pedal.

Flammic Pastry Sheeter


The Matas tabletop bread slicer occupies the least amount of space and the modern design adds elegance and aesthetics to the enterprises. Slice thickness can be produced from 8mm to 24mm and the standard production is 16mm. The machine does not require maintenance except daily cleaning and the durability of Matas’ special blades is approximately 700.000 pieces.

Matas tabletop bread slicer


This is a Mac Pan baguette moulding machine which has adjustable food-grade polyethylene rollers. It also features a wool forming belt for gentle moulding which can be changed without disassembling the machine. 

Mac Pan baguette moulding machine

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Below is a Rotel R3M3D3S – VTL (Variable Temperature Loading) Advantage 3 Deck, 3 Split Bakery Oven. It features a 12 tray capacity with 60 loaf capacity and a live in-built steaming system fitted to chambers. Each chamber individually controlled using a touch screen controllers that operate with minimal staff input.

Rotel Advantage 3 Deck 3 Split Bakery Oven

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The various stainless steel benches and tables came from both Project Stainless based in Wellington. There are also various modular benching and overshelves from Simply Stainless and Leader.

Project Stainless


We also supplied the Summit range of Eurochill Freezers for the kitchen. High performance Embraco compressors ensure these units are rated to run at an ambient temperature of up to 43° C. This range would suit kitchens with high storage requirements.

Eurochill Summit Freezers


The Waldorf Gas Tilting Bratt Pan features a galvanised steel chassis, a full stainless steel pan with 2mm pan body and 12mm thick stainless steel even heat pan base. It also has a heavy-duty lid and hinge system, a fold away handle and large easy use control knobs heat resistant reinforced.

Waldorf Gas Tilting Bratt Pan


We also supplied and installed a four burner hob and Blue Seal Deepfryers

Blue Seal Deepfryers


Project Mechanical worked on specifying & supplying the customised extract fans above the cooking line as well as the one right above the oven.

Project Mechanical


We also provided the Sputnik stools for the sitting area of the café!

Sputnik stools

We also supplied and installed a Starline Undercounter Dishwasher, a Fiamma Contact Grill, and a Menmaster Microwave.

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Fire Station Bakery and Cafe is located at 96Anderson Rd, Hastings.


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