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4/11/2019 12:10 pm

Some of our team recently visited the 2019 HostMilano in Milan and we saw a lot of new products and great technology which are going to revolutionize the hospitality industry in the near future. One such product which pretty much caught everyone’s eye was the new Convotherm ConvoSense Combi Oven!

What is it? - It is a Combi oven equipped with a camera and AI or Artificial Intelligence!

What can it do?

  • One – the oven has a compact and highly sensitive optical sensor above the door opening of the oven which scans each individual load including the level while it is being inserted into the oven!
  • Two - The artificial intelligence of ConvoSense is trained individually for the consumer specific products and is therefore able to identify the respective load, shelf by shelf, in real time.
  • Three – As an active assistance system, ConvoSense automatically undertakes all of the necessary work steps: It chooses the appropriate cooking program for the load and, if necessary, warns of inadmissible mixed loads immediately!

Features and Advantages

Less Routine, More Freedom
Using its artificial intelligence, ConvoSense lightens the day-to-day work load in many ways. The result: More relaxed and healthier staff who are better able to focus on what really matters: your customers.

Process reliability like never before
ConvoSense undergoes customer-specific training for the respective product range. Together with optical product recognition and automatic program control, ConvoSense ensure a new dimension in process reliability as well as top cooking results consistently.

Automation saves time and money
ConvoSense takes over many routines automatically. This eliminates time consuming training for frequently changing personnel. Moreover, the system accelerates workflows significantly, particularly at peak times. Time savings that pay off.

Efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence
Experience has shown: Even Simple, icon-driven controls still entail the potential for errors on the part of unskilled personnel. ConvoSense ensures accuracy. The system reliably safeguards the desired customer-specific result and effectively avoids poor quality products and waste.

Conserves resources through optimized consumption
The algorithms intelligence in ConvoSense the perfect cooking program with the ideal level of energy and water consumption. That pays off not only economically, but also for the environment.

This AI powered Convotherm ConvoSense will be available in New Zealand soon. In the meantime, check out some of Convotherm’s other technologically advanced products.

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