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Brüllen Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt Machine Demo

10/07/2018 3:06 PM

BRÜLLEN SOFT SERVE AND FROZEN YOGURT MACHINE Ice Cream - A Universal Favourite All Year Round!

Ice creams are consumed throughout the year but there are not many soft serve machines in every neighbourhood. People usually have to go to one of the large fast food brands or to a mall to get a soft serve. So the question is, why haven't you got an ice cream machine yet? Especially if you own a store or eatery/takeaway that is located in a populated suburb or near a school.

Did you know there is up to 400% GP in soft serve ice cream???

Soft serve ice creams are very high margin products. They are quick to serve and customers usually prefer them over a scoop of hard ice cream.

If you own or run a beach cafe, dessert shop, takeaway, food truck, mobile catering business, service station or children's indoor play centre, then you should consider getting a Brüllen Soft Serve machine.

We are having a demonstration of the Soft Serve Machine from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday 16th at our Parnell Branch!

Location: 79 Georges Bay Road, Parnell

Why Must You Get a Brüllen Ice Cream Machine?

Brüllen soft serve and frozen yogurt machines are high quality, reliable and simple to use. Brüllen machines offer greater control and flexibility to maintain a premium consistent product.


  • Stylish look, large colour range - Stylish looks and and an array of colours to suit any decor of your establishment.
  • Gravity Feed System - A simpler system made with fewer parts which means that it is easier to operate and has lesser chance of breaking down when compared to the standard Pump system in most machines.
  • Controlled Overrun - Control valves naturally add air to the mix producing a consistent product texture and high overrun adjustable to 15% to 60%. The higher the overrun, the more the air is whipped into the product thus increasing margin.

  • Variety - The few places that sell soft serve ice creams, they only have a plain white vanilla ice cream. We can help you get a wide variety of ice cream mixes from all time favourites such as vanilla and strawberry to the exotic activated charcoal and watermelon flaours. Keep your options fresh and your customers come back to you for the difference.
  • Serve Counter - Allows operator to keep count of number of serves made. Can be reset to keep track of how many ice creams were sold during a particular period.
  • Mix Level Sensor - Mix low light with audible signal alerts operator to add mix, the mix out feature will shut down the machine.
  • Easy Code System - Uncomplicated error code display, making machine functions simpler to understand.

  • Secure Freezer Door System - Beater motor will not operate without the freezer door secured in place.
  • High Quality Scraper Blade - High efficiency scraper blade with double plastic scrapers for a soft and creamy product.
  • Lock Out Cleaning Timer - This timer can be set in line with cleaning schedule. The machine will shut down once the allocated number of days have elapsed. This function ensures the user is aware of when the machine should be cleaned.

View our range of Brüllen ice cream machines.

View the various colour variations that are available for the Brüllen soft serve and frozen yogurt machines.

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