Skope Cash Back Offer

7/09/2020 9:50 am

Skope Cash Back Offer

Thinking of a getting a new fridge or freezer? Get $200 cashback when you buy from select models of ultra-efficient Skope refrigerators and freezers from Southern Hospitality!

The following models are eligible for this offer –

This offer is valid from 1st of September until 30th November and this is offer is NOT RESTRICTED to one claim per customer! Get $1000 cashback if you buy 5 eligible Skope products from us! There is no limit to how many cashback claims you can make!

Why else should you be buying a Skope product?

Here are some very good reasons:

  • Skope products are very reliable
  • They help you save money on your power bill every month

Skope is a New Zealand company. All their products are designed and engineered in New Zealand , many of their products are made right here in Christchurch! Skope fridges and freezers are known to be very reliable, hardworking and they help you save money on your power bill every month.

ReFlex series of fridges provide durable, long-lasting quality and modern features at exceptional value. Designed for food service businesses looking to maximize every dollar, ReFlex combines cutting edge power savings and the time-saving advantages of the SKOPEconnect app, with traditional SKOPE toughness and temperature consistency.

SKOPE ActiveCore 2 fridges are Skope’s most advanced series ever and continue to lead the market in energy efficiency, reliability and warranty. Their interchangeable cartridge system ensures quick easy servicing resulting in minimal business disruption. It provides maximum performance with minimal energy.

To find out more about this offer, give your Southern Hospitality sales rep a call or reach out to us at 0800 503 335.

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Claim Your $200 Cashback here.

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