WARNING: Dishwasher Heat Recovery systems are not created equal

19/06/2018 1:29 pm

Thankfully, there is an independent assessment and certification process from SEED - Sustainability by Engineering, Environment by Design – that differentiates amongst the wide range of options available in New Zealand using local regulatory requirements as the benchmark.

Rigorous testing of these dishwashers is completed to demonstrate and confirm that the heat unit is efficient enough to avoid the need for a separate extraction hood. The net result is the highly reliable, insured, and regionally accepted SEED certificate as to the efficacy of approved dishwashers. The credibility of the process and certification of these approved machines is confirmed by those that have failed, or have only managed to qualify under very specific conditions.

In addition to the fails and highly conditional passes (ask for a copy of the certificate itself if you're uncertain), there’s also a number of options on the market that have not even been put up for testing, with the manufacturer knowing they would not pass.

So why risk an “internationally accepted” option, when there are locally approved options to choose from?

Value for money comes from the entire system.

Starline Washtec M2C

A dishwasher with integrated heat recovery is never going to be the cheapest option available; however, it can be expected to save you money on both installation costs (particularly where avoiding a separate extraction canopy) and operating costs. They also have a much lower impact on the environment than a standard dishwasher.

Again however, all the options are far from equal with a number of factors worth considering before making an investment:

  • Capital Cost
  • Operating Costs - which is primarily driven by the water consumption rates.
  • Expected useful life based on the quality of the build (hint: heavy duty stainless steel lasts significantly longer than plastic).
  • Support framework in place by the manufacturer, distributor and your local dealer to help optimise the performance of your machine over it's life.

Washtech understand the need to get the whole system right.

Starline Washtec

As a result of optimising both the heat recovery system and water consumption rates on our new SEED certified CDe120 rack conveyor with EcoRinse, a busy restaurant can expect rinse water usage and heating savings over a standard single tank rack conveyor in excess of $7k p.a.

The savings don't stop there, with the frugal water consumption also reducing the amount of chemical required. Then consider the extended useful life that can be expected thanks to the heavy duty stainless steel construction and componentry used throughout and unrivalled local spare parts holding, service network and level of factory support.

Don’t need a rack conveyor? The efficiency of the SEED certified M2C, ALC and AL8C can save a busy restaurant north of a thousand dollars p.a. which increases with every mL your current machine is using above 2.4L per cycle.

Making the right choice for the planet has never been as easy, or as good for your bottom line. So… Why haven’t you upgraded already?

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Information supplied by Starline NZ.

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