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Agnelli Non-stick Crepe Pan 24cm
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Dimensions: 24 cm


  • Aluminium Non-stick Pancake / Crepe Pan
  • Teflon Coated
  • 3 mm (1/8”) thickness
  • “Cool” handle
  • Made in Italy

About Agnelli

Since 1907, Agnelli have produced quality professional cookware and are leaders in aluminium and induction surfaces. Agnelli is synonymous with quality and understanding the basic requirement for a professional cooking tool, those used by great chefs and catering professionals, delivering a product focused on comfort, practicality, easy handling and, the decisive factor, the ability to conduct heat.

Today, safe and secure technology is added to craftsmanship; Agnelli cookware is used all over the world, it meets the most sophisticated cooking techniques and it is appreciated by the most established cooks and lovers of good food.

After Copper, Aluminium is the best heat conductor among the metals used to make cookware. Inside Aluminium cookware (like the ones made by Agnelli’s company), food will be cooked at the same temperature without burning and turning too well done! That’s very important because Food will maintain its taste and all its nutritional qualities. That’s in a few words healthy food!

  • Aluminium can conduct 225 W/°K heat.
  • When cooking using a good conductor cookware, you will be able to maintain and keep the same quality of heating during all the time required to cook.
  • A good heat conductor will spread the heating all around the surfaces either on the bottom and on the internal surfaces.
  • Thanks to the internal coating, you can use your metal utensil with its handle that stay cool while you are cooking and the pan’s rim has been specially designed to make pouring easy and dripless.
  • Energy saver.


  • It is recyclable.
  • A very good heat conductor.
  • Energy saver.
  • Hygienic safe.
  • Following the international rules about food containers.
  • It’s a breeze to wash with a sponge.
  • Light and handy.
  • Convenient for its price and its quality.
  • Following the HACCP rules.
  • Nickel free.

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