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6 Hour Chafer Wick Fuel
$2.93 per container plus GST

Availability: In stock

containers in a carton
Sold in cartons of 24 containers
In Stock
Estimated Delivery Time: 3 to 5 working days

It is suited to buffets, smorgasbords and other self-service food outlets. The price above is for a single unit and it is sold only in cartons.

Are You Using A Gel Heating Fuel?

If you are, do you know:

  • It is highly flammable
  • It is extremely dangerous
  • The flame will spread if spilt
  • Burns your hands if picked up after burning
  • Has a methanol content which is poisonous
  • Has an alcohol odour

This Product Is NOT Classified Dangerous Goods; Your business must consider the following if you purchase DG classified products:

  • Storage restrictions on your premises in amongst general product given it is classed as dangerous goods (DG).
  • Increased costs - declaration for insurance which may have a loading factor on your premiums.
  • Restrictions on transportation and freight - DG goods not allowed with general standard cargo.

The Solution: Why Not Change To A Wick Fuel?

  • Non-combustible - non flammable, will not burn without the wick, and has a longer burn time.
  • Are classified as a non-dangerous good and are safer to store.
  • Have less storage/transport restrictions.
  • Are non-hazardous - safer for your staff.
  • Have no poisonous fumes and are completely odourless.
  • Unlike the gel fuel, the can will stay cool throughout, so you can touch it throughout the burn.
  • This product can be resealed and reused over and over until the fuel is used – less waste.

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